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The Best Time To Use Your Blood Pressure Medication

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According to researches, the best time to take your blood pressure medication is before you go to bed. It’s as simple as ABC. This is a tip that saves lives, researchers say in the European Heart Journal.

A newer study suggests that taking the pills at this time gives more protection against heart attacks and strokes rather than taking it in the morning.

Experts believe our body’s natural ‘clock’ alters our response to the medication properly.

This new trial is the largest so far to look at the facts with high blood pressure pills and included more than 19,000 people on these medications.

According to a Spanish study: Patients were divided into two groups randomly. One group took their pills in the morning and the other took theirs at bedtime while monitoring over five years. Patients who took their medication in the evening had nearly half the risk of dying from a heart attack, stroke or heart failure.

Blood pressure should naturally reduce at night, as we rest and sleep. If it doesn’t, and it stays high, that puts one at the risk of having heart attacks and strokes, experts say.

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A new research advises that taking your blood pressure medication in the evening helps keep night-time blood pressure low in patients who have high blood pressure (which doctors call hypertension). This helps to lower average blood pressure both at night and in the day. Their blood pressure reduces more at night when compared with patients taking their medications every morning.

Lead researcher, Prof Ramon Hermida, from the University of Vigo said, doctors should recommend this to patients: “It’s totally cost-free. It might save a lot of lives.”

One’s lifestyle can also make a huge difference to blood pressure, so stay away from these:

Drinking too much alcohol


Being overweight

Not doing enough exercise

Eating too much salt

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